Brake hub

Brake hub

The production process of brake hub blanks is casting. The main raw materials are iron, scrap and iron, and some alloys, such as Cu and Cr, are brittle gray cast iron. The wear resistance is very good and the hardness is about HB200. The brake hub is machined for thin-walled parts. The tolerance control of shape and position is always a difficult problem for many factories in mass production, such as round jump, cylindricity, parallelism, tolerance of brake drum small holes and so on. In addition, the surface roughness is high, the general surface finish is within Ra1.6, and many manufacturers are now using the number. The control lathe is used to process the brake hub at high speed, so the tool material processing brake hub must ensure that the tool has good machining performance, while the hardness, wear resistance, toughness, impact resistance performance and so on are excellent tool materials, and also have longer life life



Workpiece Name: brake hub; workpiece material: HT250210-230HB

Cutting parameters: Vc=1130m/min; f=0.5mm/r; ap=1.5-2mm.

Workpiece Name: brake hub; workpiece material: HT200170-210HB

Cutting parameters: Vc=450m/min; f=0.3mm/r; ap=3mm


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