Gearbox Gear

The processing technology of automobile gearbox gear is mainly divided into soft tooth surface processing and hard tooth surface processing. Soft tooth surface processing generally adopts hobbing shaving heat treatment process, hard tooth surface processing using hobbing heat treatment (carburizing) grinding process. In view of the high efficiency, high precision and high stability processing requirements of the automobile gearbox, the PCBN integral blade is used to carry out the intermittent machining of the hard tooth surface (HRC62) of the large gear. The process of turning instead of grinding is realized, and the processing efficiency is greatly improved


Job name:gearbox gear work piece material:20CrMnTi,58-65HRC

Cutting parameters:Vc=180-200m/min; f=0.05-0.15mm/r; ap=0.15mm.

Article classification: Solution - Bearing Gear
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