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In the process of roller cutting, because of the high hardness of the cast iron roll itself and the high precision of the processing precision of the roller itself and the more complex of the roller structure, the cutting process of the roll has a high technical difficulty compared with the normal parts processing. One of the key links in roll production is to improve the efficiency of cutting, ensure the precision of roll machining and solve the technical problems of roll cutting. Different material rolls, PCBN blade specifications and cutting parameters are different depending on the actual situation. The use of SBN637 integral blade to make high nickel chromium cast steel roll for outer round turning has high wear resistance and impact toughness, the amount of knife is 5~16mm, and the blade life of the blade can be increased by 15% ~ 30% on the basis of guaranteeing production efficiency.

Workpiece Name: surface surfacing repair roller; workpiece material: high chromium cast iron, 60HRC

Cutting parameters: Vc=80m/min; f=0.5mm/r; ap=5mm.

Workpiece Name: roll outer circle; workpiece material: high nickel chromium chilled cast iron, 80HSD

Cutting parameters: Vc=50m/min; f=0.7mm/r; ap=12mm.


Workpiece Name: groove roll ring groove; workpiece material: cast high speed steel, 83HSD

Cutting parameters: Vc=30m/min; f=0.2mm/r; ap=6mm.

Workpiece Name: roll outer circle; workpiece material: alloy cast iron, 9CrV, HRC55-62

Cutting parameters: Vc=80m/min; f=1mm/r; ap=6mm.


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